Clear, efficient and compliant communication saves you time and money, minimizing risk.

Functioning intuitively, in the same manner as spell or grammar check, WordSentry® identifies non-compliant or problematic words & phrases, analyzing various writing dimensions, including:

  • Non-compliance
  • Clarity or vagueness
  • Negativity
  • Energy or writing style
  • Passivity or dominance

Product Uses

  • Clarity & professionalism
  • Compliance in relation to forbidden terms
  • Self-improvement in communications
  • Speech writing and government regulatory communications
  • Educational use
  • Employee recruiting and background analysis

Everyday Examples

An engineer was frustrated at the lack of progress on a project with a sensitive timeline. In a moment of poor judgement, he sent his customer this message, “You guys need to get off your asses, as I feel you are just jerking us around!” The major customer immediately cancelled the relationship.

WordSentry would have identified the profanity and other terms as unacceptable and non-compliant, and could have precluded the ability of the author to send the message.

A financial trader infamously messaged an associate, “Boy this is one shi**y deal,” referring to a stock his company was about to take public. This message was later introduced as evidence in part of a $450,000,000 lawsuit when the IPO did not go as well as hoped.

WordSentry would have not allowed the sending of this message.

A problem employee received an e-mail with “it’s time to drop the hammer!” as the subject line. This e-mail was later used as evidence of an “abusive” message in his wrongful dismissal lawsuit.

WordSentry would have alerted the employer to reconsider the subject line before sending.